Book project of the contemporary artist Alexey Nikishin explores the beauty and magic of everyday details and signs that compulsively pursue every person.
“One day I went to a Peredvizhnik shop [art shop], bought a sketch pad, filled it with my best genre shots and brought it to Anton [Shagin]. Anton took it, said that he would bring it along with him and if any ideas crossed his mind, he would write them down. After that, we met many times for different reasons but when I asked Anton about the sketch pad, he always gave the same answer: “Wait a little”. - Alexey describe story behinde this project.
Daily life is reflected in the design of the structure due to the binding - three common notebooks, covers glued together. It turns on the one hand the feeling of uniqueness, of intimacy, on the other - there is no feeling of chip handicraft, inherent in most artists' books. Location of photos on a page, as well as their size - absolutely arbitrary. More importantly those meanings that the viewer can see for yourself than rigor.
194x256mm / typeface Original Garamond / paper Olin Regular High White / cover Favini Burano / printing&binding Nemakulatura / issue 30un

Awards: 2016 — shortlist / PHOTOESPANA-2016 Photography Book Award - finalist / Athens Photo Festival 2016 - finalist / Photobookshow 2016 - selected book

Collectors review: 
"The layout leaves space, the photos are small as to prevent us from giving them too much importance ; whites take their place. White, not as an empty space but rather a break. White in a book, it is like the silence on the radio, it’s scary, but well used, it is superb!" Christer Ek, 
"What is noteworthy is the graphic design of the book. Sewn together with black threads and having rounded corners, the three books bring to mind the kind of notebooks you use for making everyday notes, putting down your reflections about life. The small photographs are arranged asymmetrically on the book pages, as if they were pasted into it carelessly." Marcin Grabowiecki

In collection of Moscow Multimedia art Museum, Moscow Museum of Modern Arts, private collections
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