Limited Edition, made for the company "SGM". Since there is no or at least some research on the history of the gas industry, part of the work was collecting material, research and writing the text. It was decided to make an album as cooletion of facts - thus eliminating the need for volumetric and increases the readability of the text and the overall appealing.
As the main theme used in the year (that would reinforce their importance page numbers and footers are not available). The top of the layout given the facts at the bottom - Advanced text about a particularly interesting and important events. Photos centered on the line with years.
To avoid monotony, and that the images in the album form own chronology (drawings / B & W / color), puted blocks of color photographs showing the landscape of our country with a bird's eye view, as well as stories about the band with lead mine and the towns . This provides another level of perception - connects the country's gas industry.

Font AgoraSansPro, AgoraSerifPro from Parachute Fonts
410x270, 180 pages, leather pouch

Compiled by Michael Loskov Dmitry Palkin
Image Editor: Michael Loskov
Artistic text editing: Elena Travkina

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